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Evening Programs

Colonial Hauntings Tour (candlelight walking tour)

Revisit the past in a whole new way with our exciting "Hauntings" tour! When darkness falls another side of Williamsburg emerges ... it's a different place after sunset - full of mystery and intrigue. Journey by candlelight through the streets of Colonial Williamsburg, listening to eerie tales of Williamsburg's only witch trial, Black Beard and his crew, the questionable Lady Skipwith, Lucy of Ludwell and ghostly parties at Raleigh Tavern. Some stories last more than a lifetime!

Early American Medical Practices (indoor program)


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This program focuses on the practices of medicine in the 18th century when the treatment was oftentimes worse than the illness or injury. Examine and compare the contents of a practicing physician's bag with that of the modern-day doctor, participate in a mock amputation and dental extraction, review the theories, treatments, medicines, nursing methodologies, and scientific studies of the times.

Puttin’ on the Dog (day or evening walking tour)

Ever wonder where those popular sayings like “put your best foot forward” or “get off your high horse” come from? Well, we’re here to tell you that this tour is “worth an arm and a leg” and we won’t be “pulling the wool over your eyes" during this one hour tour.

Historical Investigations (candlelight walking tour)

Spend an evening walking the streets of Colonial Williamsburg and experience the lives and times of 18th century townspeople. Discover the talents of various tradesmen and gain a better understanding of the harsh day-to-day realities of life in the 1770s.

Religion, Williamsburg and the Revolution (candlelight walking tour)

Discover the influences of religion on the people of 18th-century Williamsburg and how various faiths shaped the revolution. It was a time when not attending church was a crime, yet slaves could not be part of the services at which they worshipped. This one hour walking tour of Colonial Williamsburg's Historic Area focuses on Bruton Parish Church which has been in continuous use since 1715 and the original site of First Baptist Church, the oldest African-American Church in America.

Shadows of Gray and Blue - Civil War Ghost Stories (candlelight walking tour)

May 1862 marked the first pitched battle of the Peninsula Campaign. Nearly 41,000 Union soldiers and 32,000 Confederate soldiers were engaged, fighting an inconclusive battle that ended with the Confederates continuing their withdrawal towards Richmond, VA. Some soldiers and citizens engaged in this battle did not move on to their eternal resting place, but instead have continued to linger here between the living and the dead. Join us for a candlelight walking tour through the streets of Colonial Williamsburg and hear some of the legends of the tortured souls who still reside here.

A Christmas Walk (candlelight walking tour)

A stroll through Colonial Williamsburg during the holiday season is a treat for the senses. Windows and doors are decorated in 18th century fashion with handcrafted wreaths, fresh greenery and festive garlands. As you walk, your guide will share the stories, traditions and celebrations of Christmas in colonial times.

Evening programs require a minimum of 15 people per group. Please call us at 800-378-1571 for rate information or request information.

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